Literary translation services

Literary translators have a very particular skill set, so the translators we assign to work on such projects are carefully selected. They hold appropriate qualifications and have years of experience in the field.

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When translating literary content, it is paramount to consider the target audience. This is why, here, at Clearlingo, we use the services of localisation and transcreation experts whose job it is to tailor the translation to a target audience and work with you every step of the way so it is a success.

We believe regular consultations with our literary clients are important to make sure our translators are on the right track and have understood the client’s expectations.

Clearlingo has experience working on multilingual and demanding projects in this field and has efficient project managers who will guarantee seamless communication and work of a high quality.

Literary translation we do

  • Books (novels, fiction, children’s books, biographies, autobiographies, educational and training manuals, travel guides etc.)
  • Poetry
  • Magazines
  • Journals
  • Blog articles
  • Academic work (research papers, dissertations, essays, academic journal articles, presentations etc.)
  • Subtitles (documentaries, films, promotional videos – e.g. Youtube, Dailymotion -, series)
  • Journalism content (print, television, radio, internet reports etc.)

Subtitle translation

Translating subtitles demands very specific abilities, so Clearlingo relies on expert linguists in the field.  Just like any literary translator, those specialising in subtitles must be very creative, primarily because there is a strict character limit for each line of subtitles, so they often need to summarise while retaining the core message.

Our translators are trained in producing subtitles in a variety of file formats including the widely used SRT and STL files. 

other translation services we offer

Legal Aid Translation

Professional, certified and legal document translation services at competetive, Legal Aid prices.

Marketing translation

Commercial translation services for brand localization – we translate all types of marketing and advertising materials.

Literary translation

Translation of literary content of all sorts such as books, poetry, magazines, blog articles etc.

Medical Translation

Medical translation services that cover wide range of healthcare documents such as patient’s records, raports, results and more.

Technical Translation

Technical document and text translation – manuals, specifications, instructions, patents, norms etc.


interpreting services

We provide professional and friendly face-to-face and telephone interpreting services, in a variety of fields. Have a look at our offer.

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